Vietnamese bank branch director forces wife’s lover to cut off finger

Maj. Gen. Ho Sy Tien (library image)

The director of a bank branch in the northern Vietnamese of Quang Ninh has been arrested for torturing his wife’s secret lover and forcing him to cut off his own finger.

Nguyen Van Thang, director of a local bank branch, was apprehended for assault, threats of murder, and the illegal arrest of a person, Major General Ho Sy Tien, head of the criminal police division under the Ministry of Public Security, confirmed to Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper on Thursday.

According to the case file, Thang’s wife had been having an affair with a man named T.M.T. since 2016.

Thang learned of the adultery in 2017 and secretly followed his wife to a motel on February 21 where he caught the couple red-handed and assaulted T.

T. visited Thang at his office the following day to apologize for the situation but was met with murder threats and assault.

Thang said he would only let the affair slide if T. told him the details, kept the situation confidential, and cut off one of his fingers.

Two weeks later, T. brought a jar containing his cut off finger to Thang’s house, but the bank director locked T. in the house and tortured the man.

On May 11, Thang called T. to his house again, where he beat his wife’s lover with an iron baton, resulting in T. being hospitalized with a fractured shoulder and broken ribs.

Upon T.’s recovery, the raging husband continued his threatens to murder T.’s family unless he sold his house and moved away from the area.

Following a report by T., officers arrested Thang as part of an investigation into the situation. – Tuoi Tre News

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