Video: Vicious road rage incident as motorcyclist attacks bus driver with a sword

Picture: Thai News Agency

National Thai TV was reeling in shock at yet another vicious example of road rage that happened in Saraburi north of Bangkok yesterday.

In the latest appalling incident a crazed motorcyclist repeatedly slashed at a bus driver with a 65centimeter long sword.

But it was the bus driver that had brought the sword with him in the first place.

The driver was taking workers home from a factory in the area on Thursday. A disagreement broke out with the red shirted motorcyclist. The rider managed to get hold of the weapon that the bus driver had brought with him.

Tnews alleged that the driver – who is in a critical condition in hospital- was carrying the knife to defend himself.

Video shows that after the motorcyclist grabbed the weapon he repeatedly slashes at the victim. No one intervenes though someone is filming at a distance as the traffic grinds to a halt.

Much of the grisly injuries occurred behind the line of sight but it is clear that the attack is a one way altercation once the motorcyclist gets the sword.

The motorcyclist – Noppadon Ponma – was filmed later at the police station talking matter-of-factly about what he had done.

Police said he was suffering from mental problems and had been drinking.

The driver was in a critical condition in a Saraburi hospital. Doctors had had to perform life saving measures including CPR to save his life. He had suffered at least ten serious slash wounds, lost a large amount of blood and was on a respirator.

He was named as Surasak Deeprasert. His wife said on TV it was an unbelievably cruel attack on her husband. Source: Thai News Agency & ThaiVisa


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