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Video: Harrowing footage live-streamed from inside burning Grenfell Tower

Video: Harrowing footage live-streamed from inside burning Grenfell Tower

Finance Minister Philip Hammond told the BBC that the cladding used had been banned in the UK

Footage from inside Grenfell Tower shows panicked residents trapped inside a flat on the 23rd floor.

A woman can be heard shouting to others in a Facebook livestream that was filmed in the property in west London.

She later cries: ‘We’re stuck on the 23rd floor. Hello? There’s too many people stuck upstairs. During the clip, which was filmed at 1.40am, she is heard screaming: ‘Hello, hello, come here’.

Friends and family urged the woman to shut the door as other residents can be seen outside trying to get free.

Some rush into the woman’s flat and follow her out to her balcony in an attempt to get away from the smoke and flames.

Picking up the phone, the woman is heard saying: ‘The police are telling us to get out. The whole building is on fire and we’re on the floor above. How are we going to get out?’

Tragic footage from inside burning Grenfell Tower shows victim's fight to escape
A person reaches for the door in the smoke-filled room (Picture: Sky News)

Firefighter who battled Grenfell Tower fire for hours says ‘it was like 9/11’

Another woman urges her to keep her door shut as she ‘has young children inside’.

The woman then begins to pray.

It is not clear if she, or any of the residents in the clip, made it out of the block safely.

So far, 12 people have been confirmed to have died in the blaze.

At a press conference this morning, London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton was asked how many people were unaccounted for and she responded saying ‘we have absolutely no idea’.


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London Ambulance Service says 20 people injured in the Grenfell Tower fire are in critical care.

A total of 74 people are now being treated in hospitals.

Growing list of the missing from Grenfell Tower fireDuring the blaze, people, including children, were left trapped on upper floors.

Some residents were seen holding babies from windows and others jumped from their flats.

The fire broke out shortly before 1am when many residents will have been in bed and spread incredibly quickly up the outside of the building. – Metro

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