Furious passers-by tip over car after motorist slaps pedestrian

Police said it took three hours to clear the scene in Hunan province after crowd watching a street argument turned on couple in the car

Two people travelling in a car in central China got their comeuppance after they got out to scold and slap a pedestrian for jaywalking, prompting enraged passers-by to turn on them and tip over their vehicle.

The incident happened in Longhui county in Hunan province on Monday morning, the news website Youth.cn reported.

About 100 people gathered to watch the argument between the man and woman in a Volkswagen car and a pedestrian.

The couple scolded the female pedestrian for jaywalking, with the woman pointing her finger at her and slapping her.

The pedestrian fell to the ground and then outraged bystanders turned the couple’s car onto its side.

Police said in a statement the crowd were not dispersed in the area until three hours later.

The couple were detained by the police. Two others were also held after the incident, although details were not given of who they were.

The pedestrian was taken to hospital and was said to have suffered slight injuries.

The woman in the car has been dismissed from her contract work at the local tax department, according to the article. – SCMP

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