Malaysian police investigating viral video showing three-year-old boy apparently on meth

Police in the northwest Malysian state of Kedah are attempting to track down a woman, whose three-year-old son may have been forced to inhale ‘syabu’ via a meth pipe.

Videos of the boy with the meth pipe have since gone viral on social media.

Police are also looking for the woman’s boyfriend, whom they believe had forced the boy to take the drug.

Kedah police launched into action after the boy’s grandmother lodged a police report on the matter yesterday evening.

State Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said the boy’s paternal grandmother, 53, from Gurun, lodged the police report after she was shown the video clips.

The videos were sent to her by one of her grandchildren.

The videos were believed to have been recorded by the boyfriend of her former daughter-in-law, the boy’s mother.

The boy’s parents were divorced last year.

One of the videos, a 16-second clip, showed the boy sitting at the back seat of a car, holding the meth pipe. A stack of RM50 (US$11) and RM10 (US$2.30) notes is strewn on his lap.

A man, believed to be the mother’s boyfriend, can be heard talking to the boy.

In the video, a man can be heard asking the child in Tamil, “Are you already high?

“Is it nice? If it’s nice, you must ask for this next time, okay?

“Are you feeling high? Good, stay that way,” the man is heard saying.

Another clip shows the boy naked, sitting cross-legged with a plate of rice in front of him.

A man’s voice, is heard telling the boy tersely to eat. The boy is told that “that’s all you get, white rice.”

Police have not discounted the possibility that the boy was under the influence of drugs in the video.

Mior said the boy’s grandmother lodged a police report as she feared for the boy’s safety and well-being.

Initial investigations showed that the boy’s mother was in a relationship with her boyfriend (the man in the video) before she married the boy’s father.

The marriage however did not last.

After the divorce, the woman obtained custody of the boy. She is believed to have been living with her boyfriend ever since.

“The complainant is unsure whether her grandson was drugged by the man or not. She is however, worried for his safety. She wants to claim custody of the boy from his mother.

“We have launched an operation to arrest the suspect and to rescue the boy,” said Mior. – SCMP

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