Extradition sought for British national wanted for brutal murder of his Thai girlfriend

Go-go dancer Laxami Manochat

The Royal Thai Police is now in the process of seeking the extradition of a 47-year-old British national after he was arrested by Spanish police in Ibiza as he took his car to be serviced.

Shane Looker from Stoke, England, was wanted in Thailand for the 2014 murder of a Thai girl, Laxami “Pook” Manochot in Tamuang district of Kanchanaburi province.

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He was the last person to have been in contact with her after her dismembered body was found in a suitcase thrown into the Mae Klong river in Kanchanaburi.

The Thai police had a video footage from a CCTV capturing Mr Looker and Ms Pook leaving Nana Plaza in the red-light district of Bangkok.

The Thai police later sought cooperation from Interpol to arrest him.

Looker was the last known person to be seen with Pook on November 2, 2014. Police have DNA evidence connecting him to her murder. – ThaiPBS

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