Over 700 million adults want the right to migrate – Gallup

Desperate refugees or fighting age men..?

Over 700 million adults worldwide want to migrate to another country and 147 million of those specifically want to come to the United States, according to a newly released survey by Gallup.

From 2013 to 2016, Gallup asked adults in 156 countries around the world if they wanted to migrate to another country and, if so, what country that would be.

Fourteen percent—or what Gallup says is “nearly 710 million people”—said they did want to migrate.


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Of those would-be migrants, the largest bloc–21 percent (or 147,000,000 people)–said they wanted to come to the United States, Gallup reported.

The second-most popular destination country for would-be migrants was Germany, which was the choice of 6 percent or 39,000,000 million people. Canada, the desired migration destination of 36,000,000 people ranked third.

The United Kingdom, the desired migration destination of 35,000,000 people ranked fourth. And France, the desired migration destination of 32,000,000 people, ranked fifth.

The countries that had the largest percentages of their populations wanting to leave and go somewhere else were Sierra Leone (where 62 percent of the population wanted to leave); Haiti (where 56 percent of the population wanted to leave); Albania (where 56 percent wanted to leave); Liberia (where 54 percent wanted to leave); and Congo (where 50 percent wanted to leave).

“In the most recent analysis period,” said Gallup, “the U.S. remained the top desired destination for potential migrants, as it has for the past decade that Gallup has been measuring these attitudes,” Gallup said in its analysis of the survey. “It is possible that the U.S. will lose some of its allure under the new Trump presidential administration, which aims to make it t tougher for migrants to come to the United States and for existing migrants to stay.”

Gallup says its survey involved interviewing a sample of 586,806 persons 15 and older in 156 countries. – cns news

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