Murdered karaoke girl’s mum demands B10m

Lawyer Nopadol Seedatan speaks to reporters on Friday at the Khon Kaen provincial court, where he filed a civil suit seeking damages from those accused of killing Warisara Klinjui. (Photo by Chakrapan Nathanri)

KHON KAEN: The mother of a murdered karaoke bar worker has filed a civil lawsuit seeking 10 million baht in compensation from five people suspected of killing her daughter and dismembering her body.

Lawyer Nopadol Seedatan filed the suit in the Khon Kaen provincial court on behalf of Sairung Klinjui, mother of Warisara Klinjui. He also asked the court to waive the 200,000-baht court fee for the case because of the financial condition of the plaintiff.

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Named in the suit are Preeyanuch Nonwangchai, Kawita Ratchada, Apiwan Satayabundit, Wasin Namprom and Jidarat Promkhun, aged 24-28.

The compensation figure was calculated based on the amounts that Warisara, 22, had given her family from her earnings every month: 20,000 baht to her mother and 10,000 baht to her grandmother. The sum of 10 million baht was intended to help cover the relatives’ living expenses over the next 30 years, the lawyer said.

The court ordered the lawyer to produce a list of the defendants’ assets by Monday. He said he expected the court to impound the assets to prevent any transfers.

All of the suspects except Miss Jidarat were charged with premeditated murder and concealment of a body in Khon Kaen on May 23. The dismembered body was discovered two days later at a property of Miss Preeyanuch.

Warisara was said to have been killed mainly because she had given police information leading to the arrest of the husband of one of the accused on drug charges.

The case has become a national sensation, chiefly because three of the accused are attractive young women who were not shy about publicising their lavish lifestyles on social media. – Bangkok Post

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