Horror video – Outrage as woman is run over, ignored, hit again and killed

Fatal accident in Henan province has reignited the debate on the mainland over the indifference shown by many passers-by to accident victims

A video shared widely in China showing a woman getting knocked down by a car and then hit by another about a minute later after passers-by ignored her plight has reignited debate over Chinese people’s indifference towards helping those in need.

Surveillance footage of the accident in Zhumadian in Henan province was posted on social media on Wednesday. The woman died from her injuries after the incident in late April.

The footage shows the woman crossing the road when she was hit by a taxi.

She fell to the ground and lay there motionless for more than a minute as about 30 passers-by, motorcyclists and drivers went past.

Some slowed down to take a closer look, but no one approached her to help.

More than a minute later, a passing four-wheel drive vehicle ran over the woman, before the car came to a halt, the video shows.

Police told the news website Cover News that the two drivers involved in the accident, whose full names were not given, were under investigation. The woman, who also not fully identified in the report, died from her injuries.

The disturbing video stirred up anger online as people criticised the indifference shown by people who saw that the woman had been injured.

Sina Weibo microblogger Yuan Qicong, who posted a video of the incident, wrote: “This video, watching it makes me want to cry, I already have no strength to be angry. The way of life on China’s roads is hell.”

Another person wrote on social media: “God, what is wrong with this society? What would I do if I were at the scene? I would at least first stop all incoming cars, stand near the woman and call the fire station and police.”

Another person lamented: “So many people were indifferent, not one person called the police.”

The incident reignited the debate in China over the lack of help given to people seen to be in need. Some raised the issue of “scammers” who fake road injuries to get compensation out of motorists and even passers-by who come to their aid.

Videos have previously circulated online showing people putting themselves in the path of vehicles and demanding pay-offs for self-inflicted injuries.

In one case, two men in Liaoning province confessed to obtaining US$1,500 over a 10-day period by targeting small trucks, The New York Times reported earlier this year.

But the fear of road scammers has its costs for the real victims of accidents.

Back in 2011, a two-year-old girl was run over in Foshan in Guangdong province, but at least 18 people passing by ignored her. She later died of her injuries in hospital. – SCMP

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