Court breakout, suspect caught after gunfight

Fugitive drug suspect Pansak "Usen" Tepsan, 40, is caught at a rubber plantation in Satun on Thursday evening following a gunfight with police. (Photo grabbed from video of @songtainews Facebook page)

SATUN – A major drug suspect who escaped from a court hearing four years ago was hurt and caught following a gunfight with police in Tha Phae district.

A 50-strong combined force of Crime Suppression Division and Satun police moved in on a rented house in tambon Tha Rua on Thursday evening following a tip-off that fugitive drug suspect Pansak Tepsan was hiding there.

Police said Pansak saw them and opened fire, and then fled in a pickup truck. They followed in hot pursuit, firing shots at the pickup’s wheels, but one bullet hit the suspect’s left leg.

Pansak abandoned the pickup and fled into a rubber plantation about 200 metres away from the rented house. Police surrounded the area and subsequently arrested him.

An M16 assault rifle was found in his pickup truck and a 9mm pistol was found in the rubber plantation, Thai media reported.

Pansak, alias Usen, a major drug suspect, assaulted officials and escaped when he arrived under escort for a hearing at the Satun court in 2014. He has been a hunted fugitive ever since.

He was taken to a hospital for treatment of his wound before being handed over to Satun police for legal action. – Bangkok Post

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