Adults prey on young girls at Chinese video game site

Young players are asked to post naked photo and video of themselves in return for virtual credit

Adult players of an online game targeting young mainland girls have been luring youngsters to send naked photos and videos of themselves in return for virtual credit, Chinese media reported.

A Weibo user leaked the chat history of several players of the game, Xiaohuaxian, last week, leading to more players coming out to share their experiences, The Beijing News reported on Thursday.

The game, designed by a Shanghai internet company in 2010, creates a fairyland-like community for its players and targets girls aged six to 14, the report said.

Adult users, however, have also started playing the game. Some, believed to be men, regularly post their contact information on the game’s public chat room, inviting other players to video chat with them on QQ, according to the report.

During their private chats, the young users are encouraged to share nude photos or videos of themselves, with the adult players offering to buy them virtual credit or gifts in exchange, the report said.

A woman player told the newspaper that she knew of an 11-year-old girl in 2013 who sent photos of herself to an adult player in exchange for credit to buy outfits for her game avatar.

It is not illegal for children to trade photos or videos in exchange for money, the report quoted a lawyer as saying.

The game developer had since shut down its public chat function, the report said. Before that, users had to pay 1 yuan for each post they made in the public chatroom. – SCMP

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