Viral video – Just another day on the Thai roads

Crazed passenger attacks motorist with a putter

BANGKOK: — The court of Thai social media was in no doubt of a couple’s guilt after they threatened two men in a car with a golf club on the expressway.

There had been a collision and the men in the car had stopped and said that they must call the insurance man and the police.

But the people in the other car – that had no license plate – were not having that. All they wanted was 5,000 baht on the spot.

The driver refused to pay and suggested they drive to the next toll booth on the Bang Na – Pa-in expressway to sort it out.

The two people in the other car chased them and threatened them with the putter. Then they drove off without going to the toll booth.

People online said it was a clear case of a gang of fraudsters touring round deliberately driving into others to con people out of money.

Commenters said they have older cars with no plates.

The incident happened shortly after midday Monday and was posted on Facebook. Beware! – Source: Sanook

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