Video – Baht Bus driver pulls knife on motorist in Thailand

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BANGKOK: — A video is doing the rounds of Thai social media that shows a car driver angling for a fight with the driver of a song thaew in Bangkok.

But as the middle aged driver moves to start a fist fight the young driver of the song thaew brings out a knife from his boxers causing the angry driver to back down immediately.

อ่าว !! คนบ้านเดียวกัน แยกย้าย ได้ !!!อากาศมันร้อนใจเย็นๆกันนะคับ.ท่อยทีท่อยอาศัยกันคับ.

Posted by Papangkorn StarBiker NorthernStar on Monday, June 5, 2017

He mutters something like an apology in southern Thai dialect and gets back in his car as both drivers go on their way.

Some people online thought the incident was funny with a comment on “Mem Pho Dam” referring to the car driver saying : “He came as a tiger and left as a little rabbit”.

But most netizens were appalled that a driver of a public service would have a weapon on his person saying it was both illegal and increased risk to passengers.

Louis Sappe asked: “What do the land transport department and the police have to say about this? Driving a public vehicle with a sword in his pants?”

The song thaew was going from The Mall Bangkapi to Rattanabandit University.

The video was posted by the owner of a restaurant in Lat Prao Soi 107 under the name Papangkorn StarBiker RouteCoffee.  – Source: Manager

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