Thai bar-girl laughs after arrest for savage murder

Attracting new customers after committing horrific murder

A femme fatale fugitive who allegedly murdered a Thai bar girl laughed and smoked cigarettes while applying make-up after she was caught while out shopping for clothes.

Preeyanuch Nonwangchai, 24, disappeared with two friends after karaoke bar ex-colleague Warisara Klinjui, 23, was sawed in half and buried in a shallow grave.

Nonwangchai confessed to strangling Klinjui in a furious rage after her boyfriend was reported to police for drug dealing. Her boyfriend was later arrested.

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Police traced Nonwangchai to neighboring country Myanmar where she was in hiding with friends Kawita Ratchada, 25, and Apiwant Satayabundit, 28, who allegedly helped her to cut up the victim’s body.

Brazen Nonwangchai had even sent revealing pictures of herself to massage parlors in the area while job hunting and worked for two nights at a sex bar — as clips emerged of her working on an explicit cam site.

Bizarrely, they were pictured in custody at the immigration checkpoint eating cakes, laughing, smoking and applying make-up as Nonwangchai — whose sinister crime has captivated the Thai public and sparked a range of souvenir for sale — posed with officers for pictures.

Officers finally arrested the three girls on Saturday evening after they were seen on CCTV casually browsing for dresses at a fashion store near border town Tachileik in Myanmar.

The attacker reportedly told police: “We worked at a karaoke bar for about two days. But due to pressure from authorities, we had to quit our jobs there and move to various small villages in Tachileik.”

Police lieutenant general Nathathorn Prousoontorn said the three suspects, who have now been flown back to Thailand, would face jail after being handed over to Thai authorities and confessing to the murder.

Nathathorn said: “The suspects were flown from Chiang Rai to Bangkok and then there will be a re-enactment of the crime at the scene in Khon Kaen.”

National police commissioner Chakthip Chaijinda said the three women were charged with premeditated murder, hiding a body, and receiving stolen items.

Ringleader – Accused of murder

He said alleged ringleader Nonwangchai had a feud with the victim since last year after Klinjui reported her and her boyfriend to police for drugs offenses and she was owed $1,100.

He added: “Nonwangchai insisted she met the victim by chance at about 1 am on May 25 after not having seen her for a year. So she asked her to get into the car to teach her a lesson but they had an argument in the car and she strangled her.”

The murder hunt began when locals found the remains of Klinjui stuffed in two black plastic bins and buried in a shallow grave in Khon Kaen province on May 25.

Klinjui’s husband was arrested and released after it emerged he was unaware of her double life as a waitress-turned-hooker at a karaoke bar.

The troubled young woman was also conducting a lesbian affair with a former school friend who was also questioned. Klinjui also had an active dating life with women online.

But according to police, Nonwangchai held onto a burning grudge, attacked her to “teach her a lesson,” then when Klinjui fought back, strangled her before cutting her body in half.

Another member of the group of five allegedly involved in the murder, Wasin Namphrom, 22, was arrested along with his girlfriend, Jidarat Promkhun, 21.

He claimed Nonwangchai had killed the victim and he had driven the car to the location where she was buried. -NYP

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