Malaysian citizen jailed in Australia for $500k bank fraud

Malaysian Chan Seng Yee will spend three years behind bars in Australia

Malaysian Chan Seng Yee will spend three years behind bars in Australia after he was found guilty by a County Court in Melbourne for staging what is called a “modern-day bank robbery”.

The nightclub promoter was said to have walked into an inner-city Bank of Melbourne branch and left with A$30,000 (RM95,764) cash that didn’t belong to him.

He fooled the teller into allowing him to withdraw the funds from another person’s account, according to a report in The Age of Australia today.

That was 22-year-old Chan’s modus operandi. He hit a string of banks across Melbourne and made off with more than A$680,000 (RM21.6 million) in 34 separate transactions. He used a fake passport to amass a small fortune in a month.

Chan’s crime spree began last July, when he met a man believed to be a member of an international syndicate at Crown Casino. He was offering “fast cash”, about A$30,000 in a month.

The Malaysian went to Australia on a student visa in 2013 and he was struggling. He agreed to the identity theft scam to rob the banks.

Chan was able to withdraw A$680,605.82 in cash, and none of the money has been recovered.

The fraud was finally discovered when the actual owner of the bank account told the Bank of Melbourne’s Box Hill branch that his internet password had changed and that his bank card wouldn’t work at an ATM, the report said.

Chan had been caught on CCTV at Westpac and Bank of Melbourne branches 23 times. He was arrested and made full admissions.

The modern-day robber was sentenced last month in the County Court to three years in prison with a non-parole period of 18 months for his role in the scam, for which he said he was paid A$10,000.

He had earlier pleaded guilty to three charges of obtaining financial advantage by deception and one charge of obtaining property by deception, the report added. – TheSunDaily

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