Internment is the answer, says former Head of Counter Terrorism Intelligence

‘Detainment, deportation, and exclusion’ are the measures Colonel Richard Kemp is calling for with regard to people who are on the police watch list.

The former Commander of the British Forces in Afghanistan, who is also the former Head of Counter Terrorism Intelligence in the Cabinet Office, spoke to Andrew Pierce following the London Bridge terrorist attack.

He said: “I think what needs to happen is we need to be sweeping these people off our streets.

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“We will find, I would be probably 90 per cent sure, that those people who were shot dead by the police last night, were already known to the police, along with at least 3,000, or 23,000, depending on which figure you accept.

“Jihadists who are free in the UK, who we know are involved, or connected, with terrorism. Those people need to be, as many as possible, got rid of.” – LBC

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