The British don’t need your sympathy

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The responses to this week’s terror attack in Manchester were predictable. People standing in Belgium with their fingers twisted into heart shapes. The French flew their flags at half mast as they ‘mourn with us.’

People across the world will change their Facebook profiles to Union Jacks and no doubt somebody will cart a piano along and play John Lennon’s Imagine for the news cameras.

University lecturers, teachers and anybody else charged with the responsibility of educating our latest generation, and preparing them for their journey through life, will talk of ‘love conquering all and unity and humanity.’

And that idiot from U2 will probably have his photograph taken placing a rose on the pavement, or something.

Religious leaders in fancy dress costumes gathered on the steps of Manchester Town Hall calling for unity and telling each other they are strong.

These, of course, are totally irresponsible reactions to a serious problem.

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Israel have a long history of dealing with an enemy we now find all over European cities. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was characteristically defiant and said ‘Islamic Terrorism is a global threat and it is incumbent on the enlightened countries to defeat it everywhere.’

American President Donald Trump added, ‘A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. Drive them out of your mosques and your cities.’

The British Prime Minister, on the other hand, offered a watery, ‘As we mourn the victims of last night’s attack, we stand defiant. The spirit of Manchester and the spirit of Britain is far mightier than the sick plots of terrorists and that is why the terrorist will never prevail.’

She fails to understand the mood of the British people now. We want leadership and action and not pointless rhetoric.

‘The British are united in grief and resolve,’ just about every news broadcaster announced.

No we are not. 

Today Britain is divided, and frightened. Half of us realise we are not threatened by Nazis or Communists, or the French this time, who wear uniforms and fight like men.

Our children are facing death at the hands of neigbours or colleagues who wear civilian clothes, who hide among woman & children and who may turn against us at any time with something from the garage or kitchen. Or bought at the garden center.

The other half of the country seem more concerned about arresting Katy Hopkins or Tommy Robinson, or me, for our reactions to the bombings, than they are about arresting the bomber’s network.

Half of the country believe our reactions are ‘hate crimes’ and that blowing our children to pieces should be tolerated. The Muslim community in Manchester insist they have ‘done nothing wrong.’ They still don’t need, it would seem, to look inwardly.

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This half are a bizarre collection of retards who do not speak for us in any way.

We are not standing together, strong and proud. We are hiding under the stairs. We are texting our loved ones all day long in order to assure ourselves they are safe, even though they only went to the market.

If a son or daughter is late home from school our hearts freeze. Every time.

Half of the British neither need or want the people of Europe to be turning down the lights on the Eiffel Tower, or flying flags at half mast and holding candlelit vigils in our support.

We don’t want you dragging pianos around and singing Imagine, which by the way calls for NO RELIGION.

And do not change your profile pictures to Union Jacks and think that will help. This only insults our intelligence. Spare the candles and your meaningless gestures. Half of us are not craving your attention.

Half of the British people want you to elect leaders that will rid the continent the threat of Radical Islam and its barbaric, stone-age ideology. And we promise to do the same.

Don’t anybody say ‘we are British, we will carry on as normal, that will show em.’ Because many people are frightened and some people are dead. Life will never be normal for their families again – show them some respect.

When our grandfathers faced a dangerous ideology they didn’t tolerate the Blitz with a stiff upper lip, or hold vigils and insist we could defeat Nazis with love. They went to Europe and fought it.

And destroyed it.

Half of the British people don’t give a crap if Miley Cyrus or George Clooney or any other Snowflake tweet that ‘their hearts are with us.’ Don’t insult us.

We want leadership and not your sympathy.

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