Sexy nurse forced to resign after making fun of Thai military

Sexy Isaan nurse forced to apologise to military after cheeky online posts

A nurse has resigned after her hospital bosses criticized her for damaging the good name of the profession.

Though she said she was not guilty of comments attributed to her she has decided to start a new job as from today, reported Daily News.

Daily News did not report what she intended to do in the future.

Paricat Chatsri or “Paeng”, 26, was featured on a Thai Nurse’s Association page on Facebook along with a caption poking fun at the military.

The caption suggested that soldiers couldn’t flirt with nurses because the military was being unfair to them. there has been an ongoing row between the government and thousands of nurses in recent weeks.

But as much as the comments it is Paeng’s sexy looks that incurred the wrath of her bosses at an Isaan private hospital that was not named.

They called her in and told her that her behavior was inappropriate for someone in the nursing profession and warned her about what she did online.

Paeng claimed yesterday that her permission was not sought to use her image and she didn’t post the comments about the military.

But she said she didn’t want any trouble and has said she will leave her job today. She said sorry for the trouble she has caused and promised to adjust her behavior in the future.

Neither Paeng nor Daily News mentioned what that future career path might entail.

Source: Daily News & ThaiVisa

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