Parents insist kids should pass all exams to save hurt feelings

Image: Daily News

A teacher in Chiang Mai has hit back at a parent who criticized his school for giving a grade of zero students in a multiplication test.

The parent called it demeaning saying that a child should be encouraged by giving them at least one. The parent also complained that teachers were acting like they were perfect and had never failed anything.

There was even the suggestion that students should be allowed to pass so their feelings found not be hurt.

But teacher Watanasak Atsajan said that teachers were determined to get the best out of their students and develop their capabilities. They had to be fair and if students didn’t make any effort in class they deserved to get zero.

It was simple and fair to everyone, including other children in the class who were making the required effort to improve.

He also said the idea that students should pass regardless of ability or effort was counter productive and set the wrong example. Hard work should be rewarded and laziness and lack of effort condemned.

The subject caused a great deal of comment online. The practice of passing students in order to make schools and teachers appear good has
been endemic in Thailand for years and many posters want change to see quality rewarded.

Source: Daily News & ThaiVisa

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