Video: Aussie faces 7-years jail and caning in Singapore

It’s alleged the Perth man assaulted public officers.Picture: 7 News

A Perth man accused of a week-long drunken crime spree in Singapore has appeared in court, supported by his sister.

Jason Darragh, who was escorted into the Singapore State court by heavily armed guards, is accused of a drunken Changi Airport brawl and a drunken outburst at the popular Clarke Quay nightspot.

The scuffle was caught on camera at Changi Airport.
The scuffle was caught on camera at Changi Airport.Picture: 7 News

He is also facing charges for allegedly abusing police in a local hospital and shopping mall.

Vision of the Changi Airport scuffle, which took up to half a dozen police and security officers to bring under control, has gone viral.

Not long after the video was captured, the 44-year-old Perth property manager was charged over the alleged Clarke Quay outburst.

For the charge of assaulting a police officer, Darragh faces a maximum seven years in jail, a fine and a caning.

The 44-year-old, who also had consular support from the Australia High Commission, appeared in court in handcuffs and was flanked by four armed prison guards.

Singapore’s head of law corporation Edmund Pereira said the country took a hard stance on foreigners assaulting public servants.

Mr Darragh was granted a $20,000 surety bail, but it’s likely he’ll remain in custody because bail laws in Singapore state only a local can provide that surety.

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