Video: Shocking footage as Thai man guns down his ex at work

Badin Phuangphee was later arrested hiding out at a relatives house.

A THAI man burst into the ground floor office of his ex-girlfriend’s workplace in downtown Chantaburi and fired six shots at her, killing her on the spot, according to local media.

CCTV footage of the shocking incident shows the man, dressed in dark clothing and sporting a pair of sunglasses, sauntering into the office and whipping out the gun before emptying it on the girl, who cannot be seen in the clip.

His actions sent three others in the office scrambling for cover as they covered their ears to shield the sound.

Warning: Explicit content

Local media said the man is Badin Phuangphee, 28, a jealous former partner of 26-year-old Paphatsara “Khwan” Mitphakdee, an accounts clerk at the Muang Thai Leasing firm.

Daily News (via Thai Visa) said after the shooting, Badin, also known as “Ay Boat”, fled to his relative’s house in Khlung and was arrested there.

The report also quoted police saying Khwan was not the shooter’s only love interest. It is believed she angered him when she rejected his advances.

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