Video: Foreigner caught robbing tourists in Phuket

A Phuket restaurant owner has sought the help of Facebook users to help locate a foreign-looking thief seen on CCTV footage stealing a bag from a Singaporean couple inside his business.

The restaurant owner, identified on Facebook as Tanaphat Nuansakul, on Wednesday posted on Facebook that the theft happened inside his Tu Kub Khao restaurant on Phang Nga road in Tambon Talad Yai in Phuket’s Mueang district a t 6.40pm.

Tanaphat said in the post that anyone seeing a foreign-looking man wearing a light yellow T-shirt and shorts and carrying a black backpack should alert police.

Tanaphat also posted a 1.43-minute video clip.

The clip showed a man coming into the restaurant and waiting for waiters to clear a table. He placed his own bag on a table and when he saw a couple talking to a waiter as they were paying their bill, he grabbed their bag and his own and left the restaurant.

Tanaphat told Thai Rath Online that the couple were Singapore tourists. He helped them file a complaint with police at the Muang Phuket police station as they reported that they had lost cash, credit cards and their passports.

-The Nation

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