Video: Did driver know he hit bike? You decide

Driver says he didn't know he had knocked biker off

A pick-up driver was filmed casually filling up his truck at a gas station after he was caught on CCTV colliding with a motorcycle.

The motorcyclist crashed to the ground as the pick-up turned left in front of him.

The poster of the clip on Facebook said that everyone else saw what happened but the driver of the Isuzu pick-up was oblivious to the accident. They asked people online to share the video.

The clip caused much comment online with TNews saying that many people believed it was perfectly possible that the driver didn’t know what had happened.

And after all, he was hardly fleeing the scene of an accident by filling up his tank precisely where the accident took place, many said.

CCTV footage from within the gas station showed the man casually standing about without a care in the world.

TNews said it was a PTT station next to a branch of Lotus without giving any more details about how the accident was resolved or what injuries were suffered by the motorcyclist.

Source: TNews & ThaiVisa

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