Alleged rapist claims victim ‘died’; she testified against him the day before

File photo of Macritchie Reservoir.

The Bangladeshi construction worker accused of the abduction and rape of a hiker at MacRitchie Reservoir Park gave his version of events on Thursday (May 18).

Pramanik Liton, 24, admitted he spotted the woman, a 40-year-old Chinese national, at the park on Feb 8, 2015 and followed her.

However, he insisted that he “did not touch her”, much less rape her. Liton said he only “tried to scare (the woman) by shouting and screaming”.

He claimed he did not talk with her, but only made sounds. “I just tried to scare her and she died out of fear.”

Deputy Public Prosecutor Stella Tan retorted that the victim was obviously not dead as she had appeared in court to testify on Wednesday.

“I disagree,” Liton replied.


Liton is accused of abducting the victim at knifepoint, forcing her off the Lornie Trail and into the jungle, where he allegedly raped her twice and forced her into performing oral sex on him.

The High Court heard the woman lost consciousness at one point, when Liton covered her mouth and nose with one hand while pressing a knife to her neck with the other.

He later raped her “so forcefully” that the woman had screamed in pain, DPP Tan said. Then Liton offered her S$50 to “buy medicine so she would not get pregnant”, DPP Tan told the court.

Liton, who the prosecution said had given at least four statements to the police admitting to the rape and even asked for forgiveness, claimed on Thursday he “did not say all these things to the officer”.

He also disputed the fact that his fingerprint was lifted from a knife found at the scene, saying that he never had a knife.

DNA tests found his semen in the victim’s mouth and vagina and on her panties, effectively placing Liton “in the victim’s body”, according to DPP Tan. However, Liton also rejected the findings in court on Thursday.


At the close of the trial, which began on Tuesday, DPP Tan said Liton’s defence was “unbelievable”.

“His evidence has vacillated,” she said, pointing out that since his arrest in 2015, Liton had given three versions of events – none of which could be corroborated.

On the other hand, the victim was an “unusually convincing” witness who was able to give a “blow-by-blow” account of her ordeal, the DPP said, adding that the woman’s fear was “palpable” and she was “shivering” as she testified against her rapist.

Justice Choo Han Teck will deliver a verdict on Friday morning.

Source: CNA/mz

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