National Theatre bomb blast called ‘accident’ as part of strategy: City police chief

File photo : Sanit at the scene of attack

Pol Lt General Sanit Mahatavorn said on Wednesday that he wanted to strategically mislead the culprits when he initially described a bomb blast at the National Theatre as an accident involving a falling sign.

He said the cunning strategy, on May 15, was to give the police enough time to conduct a secret investigation.

He did not explain why he allowed innocent members of the public and tourists to continue wandering around the area, exposing themselves to the risk of a follow up attack, as has been the case in previous incidents.

Nor did he mention why his clever plan allowed for the contamination of a crime scene.

Sanit went to the scene on Monday after the sound of an explosion was reported in front of the National Theatre on Rachadamneon Road.

Although two people were injured from the blast and an advertising sign was damaged, Sanit insisted at the time that the loud noise was caused by the sign falling and shattering.

He also said that bomb disposal officials had checked and did not find any trace of explosive material at the scene.

However, after fooling nobody, he back-tracked on Wednesday and proudly announced that his statement was just a cunning ploy to trick the bombers into thinking the cops were not looking for them, when in fact they really were – only in secret.

After the laughter had died down Inspector Clouseau insisted, ‘actually, police have secretly investigated the incident. Components of the explosives were already found at the scene that night, he said.

There was more.

‘At first, police could not collect evidence at the scene because there were a lot of people walking in an out of the building. But later, police blanketed the area and found components of the explosives about 30 meters from the scene.’

We didn’t ask why the crime scene had not been immediately sealed off because words failed us and so we went to the pub instead.

-Winston Smith, Political Correspondent

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