Russian tourists warned of terror threat in Thailand

Rostourism on Wednesday warned Russian tourists in Thailand of potential terror threat and recommended them to avoid visiting crowded public places

KazTAG – Rostourism has warned about terror threat in Thailand and Tunisia.

“There is a high level of terror threat in respect of Russian citizens in Thailand from the side of radical Islamic groups acting on the territory of the state.

The attacks may be committed in the form of emergency situations with tourism transport, arsons, biological and chemical attack in the public places,” said the statement.

Terror actions are possible from the side of recruited personnel in tourism industry among the local inhabitants. Tourism operators are recommended to check the personnel, be careful about proposals to bring changes in sightseeing programs and routes. $99 or Less

“Tourists should avoid spontaneous sightseeing tours and entertainment trips offered by the local employees of tourism operators and attend only initially planned tours,” said the message.

The agency forewarned about terror threat in Tunisia which borders with the states where ISIS is active.


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