Briton killed in Thai motorbike smash ‘did not feel safe’ around boyfriend

Sophie Rose, 41, said in a video she was in an 'unsafe situation' with boyfriend Danny Glass who dismissed claims by friends she did not trust him

A pregnant mum crushed to death by a truck in a horror crash in Thailand said she did not “feel safe” around her boyfriend.

Popular vlogger Sophie Rose, 41, rode pillion on a scooter driven by her boyfriend Danny Glass when she suffered fatal head injuries on May 8.

The breastfeeding advocate told followers months before her death she was afraid of her unborn baby’s dad as friends reportedly said Sophie was “sick of him”.

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But Danny, 29, from Margate, Kent, dismissed the allegations, which included claims Sophie distrusted him.

He said the claims were “people with hate trying to hurt me.”

Sophie died after she suffered fatal head injuries in a motorbike crash (Photo: sophiesjoy/Instagram)
Sophie was a breastfeeding advocate and vlogged about her relationship issues (Photo: Facebook)

In February, Sophie said in her vlog: “I’ve allowed myself to stay in a situation I have not felt safe with for a long time.

“Danny does want to be involved with the child and I need to figure out a way where we have some level of contact.

“But also I need to know how to keep myself safe from certain behaviours which are very difficult to deal with and cause me a lot of pain and anxiety.”

She was six months pregnant with Danny’s baby at the time of her death (Photo: sophiesjoy/Facebook)
She said she was struggling in her relationship two months before her death (Photo: sophiesjoy/Instagram)

In another video uploaded in March, she added: “I literally cannot be in contact with the father of my child because I do not feel safe with him. I cannot have him at the birth.”

“I can’t even have a friendship with him because I do not feel safe with him.”

In later clips, Sophie said her relationship with Danny had become more positive.

But a friend told the Sun: “Sophie told me many times that she was sick of him.

Danny described the nightmare of telling Sophie’s son about her death (Photo: SUNFRUITDAN/Youtube)

“He is a semi-recovering drug addict, he was spending all her money – she did not trust him.”

In an emotional YouTube video, Mr Glass, who escaped with minor injuries, described the nightmare of telling Sophie’s five-year-old son Shaye about her death.

He said: “There’s a lot of people having to go through this pain but the person I feel sorry for the most is her little boy Shaye who’s five years old.

“I had to explain to him that his mum was dead and that she isn’t coming back.

“I am talking with her spirit and she was very, very angry at first at me and angry that she wasn’t here any more, which is understandable because she didn’t want to leave.

“She’s telling me to look after myself and not to blame myself.


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