Knock Out – Muay Thai beauty wins first pro bout

Don’t be fooled by the pretty face. Sports Illustrated model Mia Kang has a master’s in finance and financial law — and she just won her first pro Muay Thai fight in Thailand with a TKO in the third round.

Kang, signed to Women/360, has to protect her face. ‘I have to work hard on my defense. In Round One I got caught in my eye with an elbow and it was cut a little bit, which is very dangerous.’


Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is a professional Muay Thai fighter
Fighting fit – Hong Kong swimsuit model turns muay thai fighter

But when I felt that initial blow, it made me very angry. So that fueled me to get her back, and I won Round Two hands down. Modeling is my livelihood. I have to pay my bills, so don’t mess with this face!”

She’d also love to fight Conor McGregor. ‘I would treat it as a learning experience. I want to see how he moves, thinks, and the decisions that he makes.’

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