Nine drug runners killed in border shoot-out

Nine killed in shoot-out on the border

Nine drug suspects were killed and 700,000 yaba pills retrieved after para-military rangers clashed with an alleged drug-smuggling group of 15 men in the border area of Chiang Rai province’s Mae Sai district late on Saturday, a police source said on Sunday morning.

The clash took place north of Ban Pha Mhee in Tambon Wiang Pang Kham, two kilometres from the border, after the patrolling rangers ran into the 15 armed men, allegedly carrying backpacks of suspected illicit drugs.

When the officers went to check the scene of the crime at 6am on Sunday, they found nine bodies and 700,000 yaba pills in six backpacks. They also retrieved two M16 rifles and one AK-47 gun.

-The Nation

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