Nightmare for Jetstar passengers trapped in Thailand

Jetstar has apologised after five passengers fainted on a grounded flight.

Passengers were left hot under the collar after an overnight Jetstar flight from Phuket was grounded for hours with no airconditioning.

The budget airline left passengers sweltering for over two hours while a technical issue was fixed.

Five people were removed from the grounded aircraft after fainting due to the heat.

Student Claire McAlinden‎ took to social media to express her outrage at the event.

“Jetstar’s service from Phuket to Melbourne overnight is horrific,” she wrote.

“A plane with no power, no air conditioning and a group of Aussies trying their best to understand why it was taking so long. We ended up staying on the tarmac for 2 hours. Babies were stripped down to nappies and still no answers from the captain.”

Ms McAlinden said after finally disembarking the aircraft at 12:40am, passengers received an email saying the next flight would be at 4pm.

“It took hours for us to be told what to do and where to go. Being told we would have to front the bill for accommodation and travel expenses. Problem after problem after problem. Families with children / little people didn’t get to a hotel until 3:30am.”

Another passenger wrote on social media that Jetstar only allowed the agitated crowd off after complaints.

“Finally after people continued to scream out to open the doors and one bloke fainted and started tripping out and a teenage girl began to have breathing issues, the decision was made to let passengers off,” he wrote.

A Jetstar spokesman acknowledged the problem and offered refunds for those not wishing to take the later flight.

“We apologise to all customers and thank them for their patience.The combination of technical issues with the aircraft and a customer needing to get off due to a medical condition meant a lengthy delay to the flight back from Phuket,” he said.

“Our cabin crew tried to make customers as comfortable (as possible), including providing cold water, while engineers were working on the aircraft. We have provided hotel accommodation and meals for all customers. The flight will be departing at 4pm today.”

The incident comes weeks after Jetstar rejected a report naming it the world’s worst airline due to lengthy delays and poor service.

About one in three Jetstar passengers reported flight delays and the average hold-up was nearly four hours behind the scheduled time, according to the data complied by 11 international consumer groups including Australia’s Choice.

-Canberra Times

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