Knife attacker arrested after 6-hour standoff with police in Hanoi

The knife-man was arrested and escorted to the police station.

Police in Hanoi have arrested a man who locked himself inside a house for six hours after attacking a local with multiple stabs with a knife on Friday.

The stabber was seen wandering around the street with weird signs and a knife in his hand at around 2:00 pm, terrifying passers-by, according to eyewitnesses.

The man was later identified as Hung, a resident in Alley 28, Ngo Sy Lien Street, Van Mieu Ward in Dong Da District.

On May 12, after over six hours of unsuccessful negotiation, local police had to force their way into a house and apprehend a man who had stabbed another in Hanoi.

Hung then made his way to the nearby Alley 38 and entered the house of P. V. M., 28, before repeatedly stabbing the homeowner for no reason with his knife.

After committing the violent act, Hung walked away from the scene, returned to his house, and locked himself inside.

Upon being notified, local police quickly rushed to Hung’s house and cordoned the neighborhood.

After nearly six hours of unsuccessful negotiation, police had to force their way into the house and successfully arrested the man at around 8:00 pm.

According to a relative of M., he suffered one stab on his chest and two at the back.

His mother told police later that M. was sleeping when the attacker showed up in the house from nowhere.

“Upon noticing the invader, M. woke up and was stabbed several times,” the mother recalled, adding the victim is still in the emergency room.

Officers station around the attacker’s residence.


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