Beware: Facebook scammers in Thailand are active again

All he needed to do was transfer 35,000 baht to an account and 200 million pounds sterling would be give to charity of course.

A newspaper reporter went to Chiang Mai police yesterday to tell them about an attempted Facebook con perpetrated by a woman who claimed to be in England.

All he needed to do was transfer 35,000 baht to an account and 200 million pounds sterling would be his… give to charity of course.

At an exchange rate of about 43 baht to pound that is a tidy sum!

Fongwin Sakasawin, 50 made the complaint with Chiang Mai city police yesterday.

He said that in the last week he was befriended by a middle aged Thai woman on Facebook who added him as a “friend”.

She said she was in England. Her husband had died leaving her with a nest egg – 400 million pounds to be precise. She had given half of this away to charities in the UK. The couple had no children of their own, she explained.

The problem was, now she had terminal cancer and she wanted to donate the rest – 200 million pounds – to the needy of Chiang Mai.

She posted pictures of her on her deathbed and also pictures of a package that she said would contain the money that she would send by freight.

Later in the week she contacted Fongwin to say that the package had gone to Phuket airport by mistake.

So could he please transfer 35,000 baht to an account she named so that a company in Phuket could send the package to him in Chiang Mai so he would be able to distribute the cash to those in need in the north of Thailand.

He decided to go to the police rather than do that……

Source: Thai Rath & Thai Visa

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