Video – Drama as man saves suicidal student

Chinese Railway Worker Narrowly Saves Suicidal Student Jumping in Front of Train

Jianzhong immediately notices her suicide attempt and chases after her, managing to grab the student’s arm in the nick of time before she could jump off the station platform.

The worker falls backward and slams the back of his head on the ground while trying to save the young woman’s life.

Jianzhong and the student both made it out of the incident alive as others rushed in to help them up.

Over the past few months, firefighters in China have been working hard to prevent people from jumping to their death.

In January, a viral video showed a firefighter in Shanghai’s Jing’an District crawling behind a suicidal man on top of a ledge of a building as his partner looked on and used his ninja-like skills to pull him down to safety.

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