Video: Bikers go online to ask the court of social media to make up their mind!

Whose fault is this then...?
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KANCHANABURI: — A group of Yamaha bikers have posted accident footage on Facebook asking members of the public to make up their mind about an accident that injured 5 people.

The video shows a pick-up coming onto a main road in Kanchanaburi. Soon a collision occurs that sends three bikes cartwheeling in a heap into the central reservation.

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Three riders and two passengers ended up in the hospital after the accident near the Wan Saraphee intersection in the eastern Thai province on Tuesday afternoon.

All three were riding Yamaha R 15 bikes that are 150cc vehicles.

The footage was posted by one of the riders called Waraphong Khunsrijaturong. He was in no doubt who was to blame when Thai Rath caught up with him.

He blames the pick-up driver but he told Thai Rath that the driver has refused to accept that he was in the wrong and has further refused to pay any of the group’s hospital bills. Hence the request for moral support from netizens.

The matter is now going to a real court for a decision as to who was to blame.

Source: Thai Rath & ThaiVisa

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