Husband shoots would be rapist in the head

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PHITSANULOK: — A husband returned to his Phitsanulok house to hear his wife screaming that she was being raped. The assailant was a person she had met on Facebook.

So the husband got a .38 gun and shot the man in the head killing him instantly, reported TNews.

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Then he calmly called 191 to report what he had done before fleeing the scene. He did, however, soon come back to present himself to police.

The wife claimed that the victim had come over to look at some fighting cocks kept at the house.

A video of the aftermath shows police, medics, foundation staff and forensics officers at the crime scene as inquisitive neighbors look on from behind the police tape.

Dead at the scene in a one story house in Bang Krathum district was 38 year old Songphon Moonming from nearby Wang Thong district. He was found lying in a pool of blood dressed in short sleeved shirt and jeans.

He had been shot once in the head with a .38 gun.

The shooter was house owner Sompong Nuiwangthong, 37.

His wife Wanlapa Aromdee, 37, told Nern Kum police investigators that she had met the victim on Facebook. Similar to her husband he liked fighting cocks.

She said he had been over twice before to look at some fighting cocks that the couple kept at their premises. Both times her husband was out.

This third time her husband was also out when Songphon came round to admire the cocks again. But she said that this time he appeared drunk and smelled of booze. She said that suddenly he grabbed her and dragged her inside and tried to rape her.

She tried to call out but he put her hand over her mouth as he tried to undo his trousers, she said.

Just at that moment her husband returned, retrieved a gun from somewhere in the house and shot Songphon in the head.

Police will be interviewing all concerned again to get to the bottom of what really happened.

Meanwhile the husband has been charged with murder with intent and detained.

Source: TNews & ThaiVisa

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