Video – Thai man pulls gun on bank repossession officials

Thai man pulls out gun when the bank comes to repossess the car

A video being widely shared on Facebook shows a Thai man pull out a gun when three bank debt collectors come to repossess a car.

The bare chested man gets in the white car and drives off leaving the scared collectors in the street of his housing estate.

The footage was posted by the collectors on the “Yaak Dang Diaw Jat Hai” (We’ll make you famous) page.

They stated that they came to claim the car after the person on the hire purchase agreement – a woman – had failed to pay any of the first 24 instalments of a 48 month deal.

They suspected that the man was a relative or someone known to the woman.

They appealed to netizens to try to find the man and the car while people online condemned the man and suggested the debt collectors go to the police, reported Sanook.


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