Drunk son killed by his axe wielding father after threatening gran

The dead man had gone to get a chef's knife after his grandmother had refused his request for money for more booze.

A drunk 36 year old Thai man still living at home was axed to death by his quick thinking father after he threatened his grandmother.

The dead man had gone to get a chef’s knife after his grandmother had refused his request for money for more booze, reported Thai Rath.

But as he descended the stairs his father swung an axe hitting him in the foot and severing a major artery.

Kosum Phisai police in Mahasarakham province in Thailand’s north-east found Pradit Chaisri covered in blood and dead at the foot of the stairs at a wooden house on stilts in Kheuan sub-district.

Waiting to be arrested was his father 65 year old Serm Chaisri. He was still holding a bloodstained axe when the cops arrived. He was also covered in blood.

He gave up the axe that was taken into evidence. A discarded “Itou” chef’s knife was also found lying at the scene.

Neighbors said yesterday that the son was a habitual drunkard who always tried to borrow money to pay for his booze. Witnesses said that a big argument had broken out after he demanded money from his grandmother who was sitting under the house.

Angry because he wasn’t getting any money Pradit went upstairs to get the knife and was coming down the stairs to threaten his grandmother with it.

But his father had heard the commotion and confronted his son on the stairs. But rather than drop the knife, witnesses said, he lunged at his father who sidestepped the attack swinging an axe and catching his son on a major artery near his left foot.

Pradit was soon dead from blood loss.

Investigations continue. The Thai Rath story did not mention that any arrest had yet been made following the incident yesterday morning.

Source: Thai Rath & ThaiVisa

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