Video – Drunk monk disrobed in Pattaya

Picture: Siamchon News

PATTAYA: — It was like a comedy scene from a Hollywood movie – except the monk removed from a tour bus seemed to be deadly serious as he told those who took his robes that he would see them in hell.

Pattaya police – many struggling to keep a straight face – were called to the Nakornchai bus station after complaints from passengers about a monk on a service from Rayong.

He was shouting incoherently and even tearing up money.

Police found him sitting at the bus station reeking of booze.

He said he was not drunk at all.

After trying to calm him down police took Phra Phitakorn Suthammo, 35, to his temple of Wat Thamma Samakhee where he tried to grope the abbot.

Despite prostrating himself on the floor the abbot decided enough was enough and ordered immediate defrocking.

But Phitakorn was furious and threw down his robes in disgust as he was dressed in white, saying that he would see those who would defrock him in hell.

He then walked away from the temple as if nothing had happened.

The whole drama that occurred after midnight this morning was recorded on video.

Source: Siamchon News

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