Facebook crash sends SE Asia into frenzy

Facebook is having problems in these areas

Many users woke up to find that their favorite social network was down, but the technical problem was reportedly solved.

They mostly included people in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, the Philippines and parts of Australia.

When they logged in, users were greeted with a generic error message which read: “Sorry, something went wrong.”

According to DownDetector.com, a service outage hit the region and spread to parts of North America.

A number of users in SE Asia reported the issue but was only notified that the problem would be soon fixed.

It remains unclear what exactly the problem was.

Facebook is the most popular social network in Vietnam with around 35 million users, or 70 percent of the country’s online community.

In January, the information ministry issued a circular asking Facebook and similar sites with a Vietnamese base of over one million users to “collaborate” with authorities to block “toxic information,” ranging from ads for banned products to anti-state content and state secrets.

Last month, Facebook pledged to cooperate with the Vietnamese & Thai governments to block “bad” and “toxic” content.


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