Killer bees injure twenty during attack

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NAKHON SAWAN – Swarms of bees from huge hives attacked pupils and parents who were gathering for a meeting at Nong Bua School in Nong Bua district Sunday. About 20 children were injured.

The incident happened in the morning while parents and pupils attended a meeting in the auditorium to discuss the upcoming school year beginning next month. Witnesses said gusty winds hit two bees’ nests about one metre long on a tree just opposite the auditorium.

Hundreds of bees swarmed and attacked the meeting participants including teachers as well as outdoor vendors. About 20 pupils were injured. Their parents rushed them to a local hospital.

Beverage vendor Pongnapa Nakarat said about 20 bees stung her both inside and outside her clothing. She had to keep running away and took off her shirt.

She said fortunately she was not allergic to bee stings but some pupils were allergic and needed an injection.

-The Nation

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