Father dies in grenade blast, drug addict son flees

Police and rescue volunteers at the two-storey house in Muang district, Lop Buri where a man died in a hand grenade explosion late Thursday night.(Photo taken from Poh Teck Tung Foundation's Lop Buri rescue team Facebook page)

LOP BURI – A 57-year-old man was killed when a hand grenade his wife said he carried around to force his addicted son to give up drugs exploded at their home in Muang district late on Thursday night.

The body of Viroj Wongsasuk was lying face down, with his right hand blown off, at the foot of the stairs when police arrived at the two-storey house in tambon Pho Khaoton about 10pm, media reported on Friday.

The grenade’s safety lever was found near his body. The explosion left a crater about 30cm wide inside the house.

The dead man’s wife, Bunlue Wongsasuk, told police her husband had been drinking heavily before the incident. He was angry that their son Apichai, 29, was addicted to illicit drugs and refused to kick the habit.

She said her son often physically assaulted her and her husband when he was high on drugs, and also caused trouble for the neighbours.

Running out of his patience, Viroj started carrying a grenade with him in a bid to intimidate his son to stop taking drugs, Mrs Bunlue said.

Her son had been playing music very loudly upstairs, she said. Her husband had been standing near the bottom of the stairs, and shouted out for Apichai to come down to talk with him.

Apichai was on the way down when her husband tripped and fell from the stairs and the grenade fell to the ground. Viroj then picked up the grenade, which exploded and killed him, Mrs Bunlue said.

She said her son became frightened and immediately fled on a motorcycle.

Police were looking for the son, to question him.

-The Bangkok Post

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