Teen charged with hospital murder caught on CCTV

The accused teenager (right) on Thursday at the scene of the fatal stabbing of a patient in the emergency ward at Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Hospital in Muang district of Narathiwat on April 28. (Photo by Waedao Harai)

NARATHIWAT – An 18-year-old youth allegedly caught on camera entering a hospital emergency room and murdering a rival lying helpless in a bed there was taken to the scene for a crime re-enactment on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the police hunt continued for two alleged accomplices in the attack.

Assaree Sae, of Muang district, was taken to Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Hospital’s emergency room for the crime re-enactment.

Video: CCTV catches murder in a Thai hospital

Assaha Jaelor, 34, was stabbed to death in the room while being treated for injuries on the afternoon of April 28.

It is alleged the suspect and a friend went to visit the victim at the hospital and gained entry to the emergency room where he lay.

Footage from the emergency unit’s closed circuit television camera shows Assaha being repeatedly stabbed in the neck by a young man with a knife, and panicking patients and hospital staff.

Following news broadcasts of the attack, the suspect’s father took him to surrender to Pol Col Charoen Thammakhan, chief of Muang police station, several days ago.

A police investigation found that Assaree and two accomplices had brawled with the victim and his friends at the provincial Red Cross fair on April 28. Assaha was injured and was taken to the hospital and admitted to the emergency ward.

It is alleged that the suspect and one accomplice raided the emergency room where the man was being treated and killed him. The third waited on a motorcycle outside.

The deadly attack prompted the hospital to tighten security measures and impose strict screening of people visiting patients.

On Wednesday, police had taken Mr Assaree for a re-enactment of a robbery in Muang district, a separate case.

The suspect and an accomplice were allegedly riding a motorcycle that hit a car at an intersection in Narathiwat’s municipal area. When the driver left the car to see what happened, the suspects allegedly threatend him with a pen gun and demanded his mobile phone.

The man resisted and one of the suspects fired a shot at him, but the bullet missed its target, according to police.

-The Bangkok Post

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