Ladyboys arrested for ‘offering sex’ to tourists in Chiang Mai

Thai Ladyboy argues with Pattaya tourist police - Library image

Police arrested six transvestites for allegedly propositioning tourists in Tha Phae Gate area in downtown Chiang Mai late on Monday night.

Police checked the area after receiving complaints that many transvestites in revealing dresses were working as prostitutes in the area.

Police located the transvestites just after midnight on Tuesday and the transvestites ran away when they were signalled that police were coming.

Police nabbed six of the alleged sex workers, said Lieutenant Sathaporn Watthakorn, deputy crime suppression inspector at Muang Chiang Mai Police Station.

He said the arrested transvestites were aged over 20.

They were charged with trying to pressure people in a public place into buying a sex service, and thus had committed a shameful act in public.

-The Nation

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