Calls to clean up Pratumnak area as glue sniffer attempts to rape 14-year-old

After a manhunt in the Pratumnak Hill area the man was found in some undergrowth sniffing glue.

Calls have been made to clear up a notorious area of Pattaya after a man tried to rape a 14 year old girl near some toilets.

The area in question is beneath the overpass leading to Bali Hai port at the foot of Pratumnak Hill.

TNews reported that the public and tourists are at risk from attack if something concrete is not done by the police and municipality to stop illegal behavior in the area.

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Yesterday police received a frantic call from an 18 year old woman who had been waiting for her 14 year old sister outside some toilets.

A man produced what she thought was a knife and threatened her. She ran off to alert people nearby while the man – aged about 30 – broke down the door of the toilets and threatened the 14 year old inside ordering her to remove her clothing.

But she fought back and screamed causing the man to flee while police were alerted.

After a manhunt in the Pratumnak Hill area the man was found in some undergrowth sniffing glue.

He was named as Burapha Suchart, 32, who described himself as a trader in second hand goods. He said he did not use a knife – it was a stick covered in a cloth made to look like a weapon.

TNews said that the Pattaya council had recently installed extra lighting under the overpass but problems continued to plague the area that was used for illegal activity.

They said there were a lot of homeless people in the area and there was drug taking and public sex acts taking place there.

They called on the authorities to act further to prevent more trouble for the public and tourists in Pratumnak.

Source: T News & ThaiVisa

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