Video – Shooting in central Pattaya caught on dash-cam

Picture: Siamchon news

PATTAYA: — A car’s dash cam captured a shooting on Tuesday afternoon in an incident in Central Pattaya

But after an arrest was made the shooter with connections to a local politician walked free. He may face charges of attempted murder.

The footage was captured in Soi Arunothai at 2.39pm. A woman is seen threatening a man in a car with a baseball bat.

But after she goes back to her car a man jumps out of his own vehicle and fires two shots in her direction.

Siamchon news said that a chase then ensued.

They reported that a man called Manat Thongmark, 52, was later arrested by Pattaya police.

He was bailed on charges of discharging a gun in a public place after his relatives asked a local politician to bail him out.

Police are continuing to gather witness statements while considering whether to add a charge of attempted murder to the rap sheet for Manat.

Source: Siamchon News & ThaiVisa


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