Video – Arabs in mass brawl on Walking Street, Pattaya

Arab tourists go hell for leather in Walking Street, Pattaya

A video clip being shared around Thai social media caught a vicious fight in Walking Street, Pattaya between two groups of what appear to be Arab men.

The fight took place during the early hours of Monday morning and was posted on the Facebook account of Sutthinat Phermsuk.

It is not known why the fight broke out or what the disagreement was about.

During the five-minute clip local Thais, from nearby bars and restaurants, can be see trying, unsuccessfully, to calm the situation down. It doesn’t take long, however, for some of the bar girls to get involved and make the situation far worse.

At one point a Tourist Police Officer was knocked to the ground and two of the combatants were floored. Other tourists wander by and watch the action.

Clip – Walking Street brawl

The clip has been already been shared over 150,000 times and does nothing to improve the terrible reputation of both Walking Street and Pattaya City.

Last month authorities launched their ‘Happy Zone’ with the hope of reducing violence and drunken behavoiur along Walking Street.

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The Happy Zones were introduced after the popular resort became the subject of negative news stories from the British tabloid press.

The Thai police did not seem to arrive at any point and it is not known if any arrests were made or if any further action will be taken .

Report shared by Bangkok News Team

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