Pattaya park turning into a twilight gay cruising zone

Chaloem Phrakiat Park and Queen Sirikit Park, Pratumnak Hill

Photographs have been shared around social media coupled with claims that the popular Queen Sirikit Park in south Pattaya is turning into a twilight gay dogging location.

Condoms now litter the beauty spot

The public park, on Pratumnak Hill, is hugely popular with walkers and joggers at all times of the day.

However, those taking their morning exercise are becoming alarmed at the amount of used and discarded condoms, lube and drug residue that is appearing after each midnight cruise.

One of the comments on Facebook noted;What a mess. This is Pratumnak Hill tourist area, Pattaya. It has become an outdoor sex location for gays at night.’

Chaloem Phrakiat and Queen Sirikit Park on Pratumnak is one of the most beautiful spots in Pattaya with its sea & city views and is thick with natural vegetation providing some of the cleanest air in the city.

Report shared by BangkokJack News Team


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