Thai woman dead after Songkran electrocution

Supaporn Beddoes, 25, had been celebrating Thai New Year when she was electrocuted (Photo: Viral Press)
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A Thai woman was electrocuted at a New Year foam party weeks before a UK visit with her British husband.

Supaporn Beddoes, 25, was celebrating the Songkran, known as Thai New Year, at an outdoor party in Udon Thani, northern Thailand when she was killed in front of horrified revellers on April 11.

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She was splashing around in a foam pool when powerful spotlights melted wires which connected with the liquid and parked a massive electricity surge.

Tragically, Supaporn had been due to arrive in the UK in June for a dream holiday with husband Michael, 36, at his home in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

She was due to visit the UK with her British husband Michael, a painter and decorator from Felixstowe(Photo: Viral Press)

Heartbroken Michael, a painter and decorator, had been married to Supaporn for six years and has now flown out to Thailand for her funeral.

He said: “I still can’t believe it. It’s like a dream. You never think it will happen to you, just something you read about.

“She had just wanted to go out and have a night out like anyone else during the Thai New Year.

Supaporn’s family have been devastated by her tragic death (Photo: Viral Press)

“Now she’s dead. She was just 25, it’s too young to die. We had our whole lives ahead of us and she was so excited about coming to England.

“I was at home when I had the call from her mum. Her family are devastated. Her mum has not taken it well and her grandfather is hardly eating or sleeping. It’s so sad, unbelievable.

“When you look at where the foam party had been happening and the wires it’s just disgraceful. If this had happened in England, the guy would be in prison.”

Michael and Supaporn were married for six years (Photo: Viral Press)
The couple were due to have a dream holiday in Britain in June (Photo: Viral Press)

Supapron’s grieving mother Duangchai Saengchart, 47, says she was offered 20,000 baht (£461) compensation from the party organisers after the death of her daughter.

But she refused and demanded police investigate the accident and prosecute the organiser of the event.

Lt. Col. Wattana Mee Thonglang said that the cause of the accident was spotlights that had been left running for several hours which then melted the wires.

Supaporn died at an outdoor party in Udon Thani, northern Thailand on April 11 (Photo: Viral Press)
Melted wires connected with liquid which sparked a huge electricity surge (Photo: Viral Press)

He said the power cord then fell down and touched the metal supporting pole for the lights which was in contact with the wet foam.

Lt. Col. Thonglang added: “We have investigated the scene of the incident and we have interrogated the organisers. We have asked them to acknowledge the allegations of negligence.

“We will look after the family of the deceased and assist with negotiations with the family about compensation. ”

-The Mirror

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