Pattaya police nowhere to be seen as attacks on tourists rise

Picture: TNews

PATTAYA: — Just hours after a top brass policeman visited Pattaya to pledge safety for tourists all the cops seem to have deserted their post, reported TNews.

Several tourists were set upon and suffered head injuries on Sunday night in South Pattaya but while foundation medics were available to patch them up the police were nowhere to be seen.

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Earlier in the afternoon Sunday Region 2 commander Sarawut Tansakun had been inspecting the readiness of his men in the area to help tourists who might get in trouble.

But reporters who went to the resort to see for themselves found a different story as thousands celebrated Songkran in areas designated for water fights, some of which turned ugly.

TNews reported that the injured tourists went back to their hotels after finding no police on duty at a tent set up to help them.

Source: TNews & ThaiVisa

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