Multiple explosions in South Pattaya (Gallery)

Hotel staff were left to tackle the fires with hand-held extinguishers (see gallery)
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A series of loud explosions rocked South Pattaya at 7.20am this morning as multiple electricity transformers failed in spectacular fashion.

Fire-fighters were prevented from reaching the scenes as coach and baht bus drivers ignored traffic police instructions and soon all the roads around the area were gridlocked.

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Cables began catching fire and falling into the street, blocking the main route to Bali Hai Pier, from Third Road and Pratumnak, and tour coaches were forced to turn back up Pratumnak Hill and away from the fires.

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For unknown reasons the fire brigade soon left (within five minutes) and hotel staff, assisted by passers-by, were forced to tackle the fires alone with hand-held extinguishers.

Guest at two hotels were rudely awakened although no fire alarms were sounded and no evacuation took place.

The situation is ongoing

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